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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I had this message posted anonymously as a comment:

If you don't think you are getting value for your membership, go along to one of those 'membership refresher' nights for tips and tricks on getting the most out of it.

We are from Qld and in our 30's, and have about 20k in points. We have travelled the world with worldmark, and have been so happy with it! In 06 we did 4 weeks travelling in Europe, and we ONLY had to pay for our flights. Imagine how much a month in Europe would cost if we had to also pay for the accommodation on top? We would have needed at least another $12k for the apartments.

We are now in Canada, and have done 6 weeks here also the same way.

Add to that Fiji, New Zealand, Tasmania, the list goes on!

You just have to remember that the points just keep on giving each year - yes the initial set up costs $, but after a few years it is all worth it. Get online, and book ahead.

Holidays anytime are never 'inconvenient' for us!

I'm always happy to hear the 'good' side of Worldmark, but the thing that I question here is how they managed to get 4 weeks in Europe and 6 weeks in Canada with 20k points? So, if the author is reading this, please provide some more information (eg was it off-season, how far ahead did they have to book, did they 'save up' points from one year and use it in another year, etc). Then I might be a little less skeptical.

Oh, and don't forget the annual fees. It wasn't "only paying for flights". The annual fees would be $2k or so, wouldn't they?

-- Fabbo


  • It would be easy if you go low season and they didnot say it was in the same year? You can go to a resort and then book bonus time to stay longer, As said by the owner you have to use the workshops to use this well. We have had the same great holidays as these people.Fiji x3,one a free trip on signing, N Z x 3 trips for over a week each,Wanaka magic!!!One on bonus /Fun time for $320 Low season, Bali, Veitham now booked, not to say all over OZ, Cairns is great x3 times,If your able to be flexable and really want to holiday you can.If you dont put the effort in then yes you sure wasted you cash

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, 07 June, 2011  

  • By the way 20k points is about $1100 a year fee's
    Try getting a resort of this class, (yes a couple of resorts have been not the best, Sydney is very small rooms an dear) for even one week for that amount

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, 07 June, 2011  

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